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Silver Sand
This is a sharp, kiln-dried (therefore sterile) lime and salt free silica sand which has excellent drainage qualities.  This sand can be used as a pest repellant around bulbs and is particularly effective at controlling moss.  When used on lawns and fine turf areas, this sand will improve drainage dramatically.  It's dry nature makes it incredibly easy to spread and brush into a lawn.

 Silver Sand is perfect for:

- Lawn Dressing
- Fine Turf Areas

- Creating Japanese Zen Gardens (being dried, it is ideal for use inside too)

- Sowing Compost
- Rooting Compost

• All our Horticultural Sands are sharp, this is essential for drainage as fine sands will only worsen the problem by clogging the soil’s pores.
• When applied to lawns and fine turf areas, Horticultural Sand can be very effective at controlling moss and improving drainage.
• All our sands originate from land-based sources and are therefore lime-free, marine sands are not suitable for such applications.

25kg bags of Silver Sand delivered direct to you.  Perfect if you don't need a Bulk Bag and much less messy if they need to be carried through the house