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  Multipurpose Compost in Lined Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY)

Multipurpose Compost in Lined Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY)

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If you need a larger quantity of compost, why not save money and buy a Bulk Bag instead of small bags?  We can make up Bulk Bags of fresh compost for the entire range: John Innes Seed Compost, John Innes No1 Compost, John Innes No2 Compost, John Innes No3 Compost, Multipurpose Compost, Ericaceous Compost, Hanging Basket Compost, Tree & Shrub Compost, Peat Free Multipurpose Compost & Peat Free Tree & Shrub Compost. 

This top quality lightweight material contains blended sterilized loam, Irish Moss Peat, Perlite, fine grit and a balance of nutrients including lime and wetting agent for improved moisture penetration. Multipurpose compost gives the grower or gardener a multiple purpose media that can be used for seed sowing, rooting cuttings and first potting. Although this is a lightweight product it gives twice the volume/weight ratio of traditional loam based composts.

Please note that as these products are made "to order" delivery will take a little longer as we require time to make up the product. 

Delivery will be 3-5 working days from placing an order for bulk bags of compost.

You can't get fresher compost than this!

The bulk bag pictured above contains a different product and has been included here to demonstrate the bulk bag only, not the product inside.

A cubic metre (1000 litres) of Multipurpose Compost delivered direct to you in a convenient lined Bulk Bag. Bulk Bags provide an excellent, cost effective method of delivery for small loose loads.  Once you have used the contents the bags are very handy for putting garden waste in.

This item will be delivered to the kerbside by a vehicle with a hydraulic tail lift and manual pallet truck.

The positioning of your goods is at the discretion of the driver. The unloading surface must be smooth and level i.e not sloped, gravel or grass.   If a delivery cannot be made we will have to make an “Abandoned Delivery Charge” to cover the high costs of returning the goods back to us.

If the delivery address falls within Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire,Hampshire, London, Surrey or  Sussex and you would prefer a crane vehicle to make your delivery, please change the “Type of Delivery” in the drop down box below.  Deliveries by crane vehicles take up to 15 working days, there is no extra charge for this service.

Please note:-

THIS PRICE is only applicable to areas on the map which are coloured in orange.  If your delivery address falls outside this area there will be additional charges. Please ensure that you have entered the correct delivery region before placing your order.  You can do this by clicking HERE

Delivery will be within 3-5 working days from placing your order.  As these products are made "to order" delivery will take a little longer as we require time to make up the compost.  For this same reason Next Day delivery is not possible for this product.

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Our Price: £124.00