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Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY)
Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY) Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY) Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY) Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY)

Blended Horse Manure in Bulk Bag (INCLUDES DELIVERY)

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This product is also known as "Mushroom Compost" as it originates from local mushroom farms.  It is a combination of well-rotted horse manure and peat. When used as a mulch and soil conditioner it effectively retains moisture particularly in the summer months and keeps weeding to a minimum.  It is crucial to regularly replenish the soil through humus-makers such as Manure and Humost because the humus balance declines considerably during cultivation.  Humus contains and maintains the masses of microscopic organisms in soil which are the key to fertility.  This product is fantastic for clay soils as the high lime content helps break down the clay particles.  Manure breaks down quite slowly and is particularly effective as a mulch for shrubs and roses.

If you need a larger quantity of Blended Horse Manure, why not save money and buy a Bulk Bag instead of small bags?

A cubic metre of Blended Horse Manure delivered direct to you in a convenient Bulk Bag. Bulk Bags provide an excellent, cost effective method of delivery for small loose loads.  Once you have used the contents the bags are very handy for putting garden waste in.

You may add on up to 10 Rockery Stones to this product.

This item will be delivered to the kerbside by a vehicle with a hydraulic tail lift and manual pallet truck.

The positioning of your goods is at the discretion of the driver. The unloading surface must be smooth and level i.e not sloped, gravel or grass.   If a delivery cannot be made we will have to make an “Abandoned Delivery Charge” to cover the high costs of returning the goods back to us.

If the delivery address falls within Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire,Hampshire, London, Surrey or  Sussex and you would prefer a crane vehicle to make your delivery, please change the “Type of Delivery” in the drop down box below.  Deliveries by crane vehicles take up to 10 working days, there is no extra charge for this service.

Please note:-

THIS PRICE is only applicable to areas on the map which are coloured in orange on an economy service (2-3 working days from placing your order.)  If your delivery address falls outside this area there will be additional charges.  Please ensure that you have entered the correct delivery region before placing your order.  You can do this by clicking HERE. 

NEXT DAY DELIVERY orders must be placed by 11.30am the day beforehand.

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• Mulching is a method of applying materials to cover the soil around desirable plants, insulating them in the winter yet also keeping them moist during the summer.
• It is a popular method of controlling weeds without using chemicals.
• Organic Mulches have the added benefit of improving the structure and fertility of the soil.
• Always bear in mind that the insulating characteristics of mulching can also work against you if adequate preparations haven’t been made.  Only apply mulches to warm, moist soil using them on frozen or very dry soil can just seal in the problem.  Carefully remove any weeds before applying mulches otherwise they will reap the rewards of the mulching process just as readily as the plants you really intend to help.
• Mulching improves water retention.

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Our Price: £70.50

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